Hiring Conditions
Complete transparency between the customer and Cover System snc

The principal terms of use of the rental services offered by Cover System snc

For a complete transparency in the relationship between the customer and Cover System snc, this page describes the principal terms of use of the rental services offered.

1. These terms and conditions governing the rental of materials and equipment for the performance of catering activities and related between Cover System snc and all customers.

2. Cover System snc, having full ownership, rents to the customer, for the price and for the agreed period, the material, in a perfect state of operation and maintenance for the realization of activities catering and related services.

3. The customer must return the same material, on the agreed date, in a state of efficiency and in the same manner in which it was delivered.

4. The material, with the exception of tents and marquees, can be picked up at our office or delivered to your home with a charge of transport costs and porterage evaluated according to the quantity and distance of the place of delivery.

5. The discharge of the material will be carried out by our staff close to the van parking area and at the ground floor. Any other arrangements must be agreed at time of order.

6. Tents, marquees and related accessories assembly and disassembly phases will be carried out only by our staff.

7. The customer has to ensure that the material meets the order placed. For this reason, at the time of delivery of goods a person entrusted by the client must be present on site.

8. Any claim must be submitted within the day of delivery. For complaints received the following days, the intervention of our staff will be charged of travel costs. The customer may not claim damages or compensation if the rented equipment doesn't work.

9. From the moment takes him into custody until his removal, the customer is responsible for the material. So he is liable to maintain and preserve the equipment with all diligence and agrees to return it in perfect working order and complete with all accessories.

10. The prices are per day. Any discounts or changes in the price of rental will be valid only if expressly agreed with Cover System snc. In case of non-use, for any reason, including circumstances beyond one's control, will not apply reductions on the price of rental.

11. It is explicitly forbidden to rent to third parties, for any reason, the asset rental.

12. For the resolution of any dispute that may arise, the place of jurisdiction will be exclusively that of Florence.